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Digital Transformation for a Leading Financial Firm

Our client understood innovation targeting the end user experience would allow for increased market penetration. As a recognized leader in global banking, they needed their brand to reflect this shift toward a user-centric mindset.
Through strategic digital transformation initiatives, our client sought to redesign their online, mobile, and ATM banking interfaces to better integrate with internal applications, and provide an enhanced end user experience.

  • Strong understanding of digital culture and creative minds required to comprehend the logic behind client’s strategy.
  • Needed to identify senior resources within tight budgets.
  • Accessibility– government mandated.
  • Strong understanding of accessibility within the workplace, standards relevant to market, understand guidelines for design or development.
Based on top-down directives, we helped them shift from a Waterfall approach to strictly Agile project methodology. Our adaptability, speed at finding candidates, and the quality of candidates allowed our support to quickly grow, encompassing several digital transformation initiatives across various lines of the client’s business. Client gained confidence that we was a long-term partner to support their digital transformation needs.
  • Provided a team to drive digital strategy and innovation around UX and user interface (UI) for desktop, mobile, and ATM platforms.
  • Built out a team of mobile designers to support various projects.
  • Identified candidates with specific skill sets in niche markets, all with extensive experience.
UX/UI Design, Web Development, Mobile Development, Visual Design, Graphic Design, Compliance Testers, Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Developers and Accessibility

Machine Learning & Predictive Analytics for Leading Equipment Manufacturer

For large machines, the complexity of the products, components, parts and machine data requires big data integration. This allows for a richer analytics environment, and the ability to store and process a variety of data to gain new insights and ultimately to use Machine Learning for predictive maintenance.

A large equipment manufacturer wanted to understand the behavior of their products in the field and ultimately improve their reliability by predicting component failure and taking proactive action to repair/replace it. This would result in a saving of millions of dollars for their business operations. The analysis was difficult because of data being in silos: RDBMS with product and components metadata, file systems with historical sensor data, streams of real-time sensor data, etc.
Solving the problem required the ability to do analysis by combining data from all these sources. The solution that was designed and implemented involved creating a modern data lake using Hadoop into which all the previous silos of data were integrated. Cleaned and processed data was then loaded into a traditional data warehouse as well. We designed a solution to capture, store, process the data in Hadoop and integrate with Teradata. Parallelizable algorithms were used to process the huge volume of data that is not suitable for processing in relational databases. The new architecture delivered great performance on interactive analytics performed by the data scientists, while also providing a richer, integrated data set for aggregated analytics using the data warehouse.

Ingesting the sensor data provided several benefits. We were able to:

  • Build a cost effective solution
  • Provide great performance for interactive analytics functions
  • Allow for new analyses and Machine Learning for predictive maintenance; since all data was saved in Hadoop

Agile Transformation for Leading Communication Provider

Communication service provider has more than 3300 employees, 1200 retailer stores and 43K stakeholders. Telecommunication industry is highly competitive and it emphasizes Time to Market (T2M) pressure. Therefore, inside the client IT, Agile transformation has started to shorten T2M and enhance quality in order to be able to provide competitive advantage to the business. Under this vision, Agile transformation is incorporated.

Genesis NGN Consultants quickly helped identify the following :

  1. Establishment of scrum teams have triggered change at organizational structure and processes to the team focused way.
  2. Improving processes with culture, team play and transparency comes within scrum led to achievement of success.
  3. Organizational change took place and Agile Solutions have been established to protect and empower the agile mindset.
  4.  Within organizational change enterprise and consumer unit has splitter in order to align with the business unit.
  5. While efforts on transparency, culture and communication are consistent, improving business involvement become the main focus.
  6. With regard to share achievements and experiences obtained and to lead change among the whole enterprise, Enterprise Adoption will be followed.
In the first step, a pilot team was established and for several Sprints its progress had been tracked. Due to the observed improvements of the pilot team especially in productivity, the pilot team had tripled its throughput rate at the end of its first three months, then, it had been decided to move forward with the second step, scaling step, via establishing new Scrum teams. Around five months after moving forward with the scaling step, Scrum teams’ throughput was observed to be two times more than before. In addition to that, significant reductions were observed in defect rate & customer complaints inside these Scrum teams. These success stories of Agile teams then lead to an organizational change, and an autonomous Agile unit, which is called Agile Solutions, was established. Currently, Agile Solutions is actively working with its six Scrum teams inside and new Agile teams with new responsibilities is on the way to be established. Next step is to grow and empower the Agile Solutions and then, to move forward to the third step, enterprise adoption, in order to grow Agile culture enterprise wide to be able to achieve more benefits out of it
  1. Developed detailed technical pre-screens based off team needs
  2. Employed specialized personality assessments to ensure innovative and skilled talent that will easily meld with current team
  3. Customized the on-boarding process & background screenings in a way that best supported the client’s business model.
  4. Executed the projects with efficiency.

Data Warehouse Modernization for a Leading Bank

Our client was facing a very large and expensive upgrade cycle, as a large amount of unused data was draining computational resources and taking up space in the EDW. The bank’s response was to switch to bigger appliances, but we were able to find a better solution to upgrade their architecture and revamp their monolithic data warehouse.

Genesis NGN Consultants quickly helped with the following:

  1. The solution that was designed and implemented was integrating Hadoop into the bank’s existing data environment. All raw data flowed into a Hadoop cluster. The data that was not actively used was moved from the Data Warehouse into Hadoop. At the same time, the scheduled ETL jobs that could be performed in Hadoop were ported over from Teradata. This combination reduced the processing and storage load on the EDW, while also providing the ability store all raw data in Hadoop.
  2. The new architecture delivered great performance on interactive analytics functions, improved the capacity and efficiency of the Enterprise Data Warehouse, and saved the client a significant amount of money.
Integrating Hadoop into the client’s Data Warehouse had a profound effect on their business.
  • Allow for new analyses; leading to new insights, since all raw data was saved in Hadoop
  • Increase the depth of analytical capabilities. Custom, sophisticated libraries provided enhanced functions in Hadoop that could be used for a variety of purposes
  1. Developed detailed technical pre-screens based off team needs
  2. Employed specialized personality assessments to ensure innovative and skilled talent that will easily meld with current team
  3. Customized the on-boarding process & background screenings in a way that best supported the client’s business model.
  4. Executed the projects with efficiency.

Transforming Supply Chain Management

Leading government IT department looking to enhance investments in its state. There are 23 departments whose clearance were required for starting new business in the state. In order to facilitate new investment into the state single window application and approval was required. The problem statement was
  • One Stop office for all new & expansion projects
  • Transparent & Speedy online interface
  • Common application form for various approvals
Genesis NGN was engaged to develop a structured approach to data acquisition, data massaging, parameter identification, reporting and visualization to make the delivery process more seamless, efficient and cost effective. Genesis NGN with the help of Tableau platform created various dashboards for visualization tracking all the parameters in-journey digitally tracked for a package. Data generated was captured with new data warehouse approach, to give timely insight into the digital tracking of the package.
  • Tableau Desktop
  • Hadoop Data Platform
  • Tableau Online