AI is an important part of Digital Transformation

In today’s highly competitive and evolving businesses, digital transformation is what keeps these organizations on their foot to deliver value to their customers. And Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays a key role in digital transformation in many industries.

AI helps businesses in digital transformation to become more flexible and revolutionary by optimizing digital technologies. This helps enhance customer experiences, and the processes of the business in the industry, and initially meet the changing requirements of the market. AI helps simplify complex procedures during digital transformation with better speed and accuracy. It’s cost-effective for organizations as well.

What is Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation is optimizing digital technologies for easing procedures and operational activities, simplifying complex processes and increasing overall productivity and performance, and so on. It is an industrial revolution for organizations to speed the productivity and deliver better customer experiences either through their services or better quality products.

Through the use of technology, organizations are innovating and increasing the competition in the industry to keep ahead of their rivals. It doesn’t matter which industry you belong to, almost every industry is digitalized and uses technology in different aspects of the business. And most likely, the majority of these industries require Artificial Intelligence (AI) for digital transformation. Some examples of industries that use AI for digital transformation are the construction industry, energy and power industry, transportation industry, food and service industry, etc.

How is AI important to Digital transformation?

AI holds the power to change the world through applications and also the physical world by improving the overall productivity, innovation, and impact of the business. It brings timely solutions to complex and sophisticated problems in a timely manner. It not only increases the produced amounts of data that won’t be possible to analyze manually in a certain timeframe but also increases the accuracy of analysis and decreases the scope for errors.

The quality of work done by AI is far better, more accurate, and fast than by any human. Doing these procedures manually would require a lot of man force and budget, whereas AI cuts the cost and requirement workforce by doing your work efficiently.

Artificial intelligence (AI) also helps organizations to detect threats, provide higher and better security of data, scan for all abnormal behaviors, and alert them for any potential risks. Through AI, you can protect your business and personal resources. Some examples of features that would allow that are Biometrics, double factor authentication, figuring access control, etc.

Final Words

One of the most important digital transformation enablers is AI. It serves as an efficient digital tool to increase effective solutions and innovations, that could impact the competitiveness of the organization in the industry.

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