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Conceptualized, developed and tested talent acquisition platform for mid-size enterprises. Ctalentum is a neuroscience algorithms based recruitment platform which helps pinpoint the right candidate with accuracy and speed. Analytics powered platform enhances talent acquisition to next level. It is a complete end to end pull based process where you can find, contact and source talent from your own database at lightening speeds boosted with social recruiting and sharing. Platform organizes your data from different sources and formats to a single plane in standardize search and source format.


DataMind is a search and AI-powered analytics platform for inside discovery of data patterns and relations driving meaningful decision pointers effecting overall business decisions.


Conceptualize to leverages machine learning and artificial intelligence to automate tedious and time- consuming aspects of the recruitment process and help companies to discover quality candidates from their own databases and multiple other sources. Provides an analytical reporting on the recruitment process to gauge the effectiveness of the process.