Technology and Engineering

We are always delighted to solve business situations footing emerging technology. Genesis has a great collaboration platform to correlate with the startup environs to qualify bright approaches and scale it up to the enterprise level.

Genesis has a team of technology enthusiasts who are always excited to solve business situations leveraging emerging technology. We have a great collaboration platform to connect with the startup ecosystem to qualify bright ideas and scale it up to the enterprise level.

Following is a quick snapshot of our technology
and engineering breadth

Backend Engineering

Our server-side development is powered by Java and JavaScript-based frameworks. Relational and NoSQL databases are used for faster and more efficient processing of structures and unstructured data.

Frontend Engineering

Our team is highly qualified to develop JS-based front end in web and mobile applications.


We develop mobile and smart apps across devices with native as well as hybrid technologies.


With DevOps, we enable an organization’s ability to deliver applications and services at high velocity.


Our manual and automation testing experts create near-zero bug applications.

Web Content Management

We design the digital user experience to bridge the distance between the human brain and the digital product.

Technologies We Use