Artificial Intelligence As A Service


Artificial Intelligence as a Service is the third party offering of AI (artificial intelligence) outsourcing. AIaaS enables individuals and organizations to experiment with artificial intelligence for a lot of purposes without a large investment. Also, the AI functionality is included without in-house proficiency and with lower risk.

The International Data Corporation has predicted that approximately 75% of commercial enterprise applications will employ Artificial Intelligence (AI) by 2021. It signifies that organizations need to brace up the game and integrate AI methods into the business and production strategies without further ado. 

Before moving ahead, let us see what is Artificial Intelligence as a Service (AIaaS).

Artificial Intelligence as a Service

Artificial Intelligence is used by a lot of organizations to enhance their business. Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence can be used to understand the target audience, build better products conforming to market demand, automate some of the production to increase profitability by organizations. 

The organizations that cannot or are reluctant to build their clouds and develop, test, and utilize their artificial intelligence systems, Artificial Intelligence as a Service is a solution for them. Just like other “as a service” options, Artificial Intelligence applies the same approach. It allows organizations to focus on the core business and not becoming machine learning and data experts. AI-as-a-Service has a significantly low risk of investment, keeping costs transparent. Also, it increases the benefits of data collection and provides strategic flexibility because AIaaS is dynamic and flexible. 

Types of Artificial Intelligence as a service

There are multiple types of AIaaS (Artificial Intelligence as a Service) available. Some of the well-known types of AIaaS are:

Bots and Digital Assistance 

It includes digital assistants, chatbots, and automated email services. Chatbots use NLP (Natural Language Processing) algorithms to learn communication with users and emulate the speech patterns while providing solutions. These bots and digital assistance tools are well-liked for customer service and marketing. Also, at present, they are the most widely used type of AIaaS.

Cognitive Computing APIs

An Application Programming Interface (APIs) facilitates developers to incorporate artificial intelligence services into applications by API calls. It enables developers to add a specific service or technology in the application without writing the codes from scratch. Some of the popular services offered by APIs include NLP (Natural Language Processing), computer vision, computer speech, knowledge mapping, translation, emotion detection, and intelligent searching. 

Machine Learning Frameworks

Machine learning tools allow developers to build their models that study over time from existing data of the organization. It is often associated with big data. But, machine learning can have other applications also. The machine learning frameworks enable organizations to build custom models suitable for smaller amounts of data.

Fully-managed Machine Learning Services

The fully-managed machine learning service is a way to incorporate specific machine learning capabilities using pre-built models, code-free interfaces, custom templates, and drag-and-drop tools. These services assist developers in creating a more custom-built machine learning framework by improving the accessibility of machine learning capabilities. 

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence as a Service (AIaaS) 

Advanced Infrastructure at Minimal Cost

An organization that desires to implement Artificial Intelligence in the day to day procedures needs to invest in AI equipment that is usually very expensive. The AI equipment needs an initial investment and then regular upkeeps. However, organizations can implement AIaaS at significantly lower costs by accessing artificial intelligence software from a third-party vendor without in-house artificial intelligence equipment or software built from scratch. Artificial Intelligence as a Service is especially beneficial for those organizations that do not have artificial intelligence as their core business but want to implement it for better decision making.


A lot of Artificial Intelligence as a Service presents specific plans for organizations that can be obtained at a fixed cost. Though artificial intelligence needs a lot of power when it is running, organizations that purchase AIaaS only need power in a short amount of time and pay accordingly.

Options for Scalability

Organizations can begin with smaller projects using AIaaS to determine whether it is the right corporate fit or not. Later, when the organizations are confident about their projects and have gained knowledge with their data, they can scale up or down according to the demands of their projects. 

Final Words

Artificial Intelligence as a Service is a rapidly emerging field with plenty of benefits. It brings the early-adapters to the table. AIaaS is significant as it includes AI functionality without in-house expertise.

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