Backend Engineering can make or break an application


Well, breaking can be a lot easier than making, especially when it comes to software engineering and development. And a lot more costly and painful. But it’s not about one’s intention to break the application, but what leads to it. 

Backend engineers have the responsibility to maintain the server side of applications, mostly designing and building the structure. In other words, they create the skeleton or base of the application. Their primary job is writing business logic, API, and server scripts for the backend developers. They basically set a foundation for the development team so that they know what do to in order to achieve the vision and business goals.

What do backend engineers do?

Backend developers set a path for the development team to follow in order to make a fully functional and relevant business application for the clients. They also manage the database, write server-side scripts, manage data modeling and write APIs. 

Some of their daily roles are to optimize servers for stability, implement security structures, generate reusable code libraries, check for scalability and speed, and come up with data storage solutions. 

How can backend engineering break an application?

Because backend engineers develop the architecture and structure of an application, there are higher scopes of error or misunderstandings in the procedures. These misunderstandings can either be at business logic or the responsiveness of these applications for a better user-friendly experience. 

This is not only the case while the development but also during the frequent updates, optimizing newer features, transmission security updates, and storage solutions for increasing data. Since the backend, engineers are responsible for the core idea and vision of the application, and its functionalities and overlook the stability of these programs, a wrong judgment or lead can equally break an application as it would make good with the right decision. 

What skills do backend engineers need?

Backend engineers must have both soft skills and technical skills such as knowledge of programming languages. Because they interact with many different departments, they need communication skills to deliver their thoughts and ideas. And of course, a deep and broad technical experience and knowledge. Some of the technical skills a backend engineer must have are as follows:

  • Experience in developing REST APIs.
  • Knowledge of building robust APIs.
  • Good understanding of programming strategies. 
  • A deep understanding of back-end programming languages such as Nava, Ruby, etc.

Final Words

Backend engineering is a different post and not at all the same as backend developers. They have more complex responsibilities and core duties at server-side, rather than the front side. 

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