Benefits of Adopting DevOps Culture


Today, every company is a software company. Software applications including mobile apps are becoming important for all businesses. However, customers are always expecting to get better and faster apps. With traditional methods, development and operations often seem like they’re speaking different languages that can embroil the process of delivering fantastic apps to the customer. So, these methods are no longer good enough. In the hyper-competitive application economy, you need a transformation.

Such a transformation can be done by implementing the DevOps culture in organizations. DevOps seeks to eliminate the problems that arise between the development and operations followed in the traditional relationship. It enables companies to accelerate the speed of their application by delivering quality services expected by the customer. It also implements automation, removes development constraints, and creates a feedback loop.

From the operational cycle to the developmental cycle of an application, DevOps makes several requirements easy and effective to implement. 

Though DevOps culture requires incentive and mindset changes across the organization, it can be implemented if we follow some established practices. And, the organizations that have succeeded in implementing have often seen huge improvements in their quality and productivity. If you want to keep your company on a cutting edge, DevOps is crucial.

DevOps culture in an organization offers various benefits:

  • Release Velocity: The very first benefit you can get with DevOps practices is that it increases the release velocity. It helps in releasing the code to production more often and with more confidence.
  • Development Cycles: The complete development cycle including initial design, implementation, testing, and production deployment becomes easier and shorter by adopting a DevOps culture.
  • Deployment Rollback: Another important benefit of DevOps is that you can prepare for any failure in the deployment rollback. It can help you deal with problems that occur due to a bug in the code or issue in the production. With this process, you can release features with more confidence and without worrying about downtime for rollback. 
  • Defect Detection: It can also help you find defects in a much easier way before releasing the application to production. This further enhances the quality of the application. 
  • Recover From Failure: We can recover from failures fast with the DevOps process. During each deployment, we are so ready to recover any failure with DevOps culture. Also, If any unexpected events happen in production, we can recover from that failure very fast when we have a good DevOps process.
  • Collaboration: With the DevOps culture, both development and operation teams can efficiently work together to release quality applications. It increases the collaboration between development and operation teams. 
  • Performance-oriented: Organizations can follow performance-oriented culture with DevOps where teams become more innovative and productive. 


According to Jez Humble,  DevOps is not a goal, but a never-ending process of continual improvement. DevOps is neither a tool nor a software, it is a culture that should be followed in an organization to get various benefits like performance enhancement, shorter development cycle, better overall efficiency, better team coordination, budget-friendly, etc. Following DevOps culture can benefit you in many ways and we at Genesis NGN help you to implement this process.

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