Big UX Wins That Transformed Businesses

Big UX Wins That Transformed Businesses

Believe it or not, but a small change that you implement in your business’s website can lead to unimaginable profits for you. The basic idea behind digital transformation is to make the user experience more engaging, easy and if possible, fun. Many corporate giants have fallen in this era and the simple reason behind it is that either they didn’t go for digital transformation or they failed to implement properly. On the other hand, the companies who were aware of the advantages of digital transformation and successfully implemented it in their business operations, are gaining high benefits from it. Interested to know about them? Great, just keep reading.

Top UX Wins That Transformed Businesses

There is no doubt that a better UX design leads to better user engagement. No matter what you implement in your UX design, it should benefit the user somehow. Here are the top UX transformations that have proven to be of great help for the businesses.


Millennials are the major target audience when it comes to online food ordering. While all the other food companies are focusing on making their app better, Domino’s came up with the easiest solution possible. Now, you can order from Domino’s from any device without installing their app, without even dialing their numbers. All you have to do is, just tweet your order on Twitter using hashtag #EasyOrder and they will get in touch with you to confirm it. Then, what else? Enjoy your pizza.

This simple change is proving to be of great help for both users and Domino’s: In terms of ordering for users and in terms of revenue for Domino’s.

Air New Zealand

The success story of Air New Zealand is truly commendable and one of the most inspiring ones for sure. From being one of the biggest corporate losses in the country to one of the most profitable companies in the world.

 In order to achieve this success, all they did was made their website more interactive and informational. They started to upload flight safety tips along with rules and regulations of different countries where the passengers are headed to. According to many reviews, passengers liked it a lot and found it to be of great help. Their various videos on Youtube have millions of views.

Apart from transforming digitally, they even provide several safety facilities to users as well, like biometric luggage check-in, electronic air band for minors and many more.

Capital One

Another example of a corporate that came back from the dead with improved UX is Capital One Bank. In the era where account hacking and other online crimes were happening a lot, Capital One decided to jump in and grab the opportunity. The bank came up with the solution of a fingerprint login. With this security feature, even if the customer’s password gets leaked, the hacker won’t be able to have access to the account. The hacker would need to have the same fingerprint as the customer’s.


Talking about UX wins and not mentioning Amazon would be extremely unfair. In the time when every other online shopping portal was trying to ensure that each and every user, who lands on their website gets himself registered on it, Amazon saw things a little differently. 

They made changes in their UX design through which users were free to scroll and search for their desired product and even get suggestions just like a registered user would get. This way, the users would get all the required information about the product that they need and then later register themselves on the website during check-out. Many times, the users feel lazy to create an account on the website and with the help of this change, the element of being lazy was completely eliminated.

According to a report in a leading magazine, “94% of the people who surveyed the website in the last year actually bought something.”

In the end, all these examples prove that a change in UX design or adopting a new digital transformation trend can prove to be highly beneficial for the brand. If you want to experience success like that, get in touch with Genesis NGN.

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