Creating Digital Solutions for Optimizing Internal Systems in Agricultural Industry

Our Client

Our client is an Agri-Services agency functional in many countries around the world. They provide integrated agronomy services. They add significant strategic insights to support the delivery of profitable production while also contributing to productivity and growth through science and technology.

The Challenge

Our client needed a digital solution for optimizing their internal systems. They required an offline tracking application; with smart planning and nutrient planning features. They also needed recommendation solutions to increase process efficiency in the agricultural domain. 

Our Solution

Familiar with the challenges of the Agri-services industry and understanding of specific challenges our clients face and their needs in the digital industry, our team at Genesis has developed a GPRS-supported mobile application. It serves as a digital platform for navigation, crop health scouts, planning and mapping the farms, and nutrient calculations for profitable production. With the information gathered through offline and online means, and updated into the application, our team of professionals added algorithms to suggest calculated recommended solutions to reduce time-consuming procedures and boost efficiency and profitability.


  1. We have built sustainable cooperation between farmers and agronomists.
  2. Our services contribute to the profitable production of our client’s services.
  3. Data-driven insights for more effective recommendations.
  4. Digitally streamlined 55 manual processes.