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An Insight Into Our Digital Transformation Approach

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Migration and Upgradation for Old Monolithic Systems

Digital Transformation is what growing businesses adopt. Genesis is your true partner in your Digital Transformation journey. Our Experts are renowned globally for their exemplary skills and business knowledge. Get ready to respond to market dynamics faster and smarter with Genesis as your Digital Transformation partner.

Digital Transformation with Genesis NGN

If your organization is also feeling constrained by the systems that were created decades ago, get in touch with Genesis. Our experienced professionals create migration and up-gradation strategies that ensure there is no business disruption and devise solutions that are the best fit for your organization’s needs.

Platform Approach to Reach Customers Everywhere

A platform approach is what the growing businesses adopt. This provides a unified platform for business, to which all the external systems can connect. If you are looking to grow your business to the next level, talk to consultants of Genesis to understand how your business can leverage the platform approach.

AI in Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is one of the most critical drivers on how companies will continue to deliver value to their customers in a highly competitive and ever-changing business environment. If you want to explore how AI can help in the Digital Transformation initiatives of your organization, get in touch with specialists of Genesis NGN, your partners in your digital transformation journey.

Blockchain in Digital Transformation

For businesses, blockchain holds the promise of transactional transparency, real-time communication networks with partners around the globe to support everything from supply chains and payment networks. Consultants of Genesis have been helping companies with the adoption of Blockchain as an immutable network for supply chains. If you also want to leverage Blockchain to take your business to the next level, get in touch with Genesis – your partner in the Digital Transformation journey.

Hybrid Cloud is the Missing Piece in Digital Transformation

A Hybrid Cloud is a combination of private and public cloud infrastructure that enables organizations to leverage the best of all the worlds.

If you want to explore what could be the best hybrid cloud strategy, get in touch with specialists of Genesis NGN; your partners in your digital transformation journey.

Virtual and Augmented Reality in Digital Transformation

Virtual reality and augmented reality are already having an impact on how people operate in terms of collaboration, productivity, and providing new, innovative ways to achieve business goals.

If you want to explore how VR and AR technology can augment your organization’s digital transformation efforts, get in touch with specialists of Genesis NGN; your partners in your digital transformation journey.

Digital Transformation: Do it Quickly, but not Hastily

For businesses navigating the path to digital transformation, the challenge is to move quickly but not hastily. This reimagining of business in the digital age is very important. So, if you want to explore what is the best digital transformation strategy for your organization, get in touch with specialists of Genesis NGN; your partners in your digital transformation journey.

Adopt "Mobile First" Thinking In Digital Transformation

Mobility can be used to remove silos within your business, bringing an end to self-limiting technology and behavior that your digital transformation should bring to an end. If you want to get started on the “mobile first” thinking, get in touch with specialists of Genesis NGN; your partners in your digital transformation journey.

Reimagine Enterprise Workflows Through Digital Twin

A digital twin is a fully working virtual copy of a real-world system. It combines data sets across multiple sources, from design data to Internet of Things data.
If you want to see how your processes can benefit from Digital Twin, get in touch with Genesis NGN.

How the Metaverse could reshape manufacturing Industry

Consultants of Genesis are working towards helping the manufacturing sector see new opportunities for innovation by leveraging Metaverse’s capabilities. If you are interested in exploring how Metaverse can help your organization, get in touch with Genesis, your partner in Digital Transformation journey.

Metaverse is a Trillion Dollar Opportunity

Metaverse is the concept of shared worlds driven by virtual products and digital experiences that are highly immersive and interactive. If you are also interested in tapping this trillion-dollar opportunity, get in touch with Genesis, your partner in Digital Transformation journey.

NFTs are Already Transforming the Ticketing Industry

The ticketing industry is eyeing an overhaul by integrating NFTs. The NFT ticketing market is expected to reach 25% of the total ticketing market by 2027. If you are interested in exploring how your enterprise can leverage NFTs, get in touch with Genesis NGN, your partner in the digital transformation journey.

Starting Digital Transformation? First hire a Digital Transformation Specialist

A Digital Transformation Specialist is a jack-of-all-trades type, armed with technical skills, experience in an IT or related field, and a thorough understanding of how business operations work.

Digital Transformation Specialists of Genesis bring their industry knowledge, combined with technical knowledge to devise an achievable Digital Transformation plan for organizations. And then they oversee the implementation to ensure the Digital Transformation initiatives are a success.

Manage Security Challenges that Come with Digital Transformation

Cyber security specialists are an integral part of Digital Transformation teams of Genesis. They ensure that Digital Transformation is devised with security in mind and carry out rigorous security tests to identify any vulnerabilities, before threat actors find them. Talk to consultants of Genesis today to understand how your organization can stay protected.

Is Your Business Ready for Digital Transformation?

As the technology landscape changes rapidly and customers demand hyper-productive services delivered anywhere, anytime, anywhere, digital transformation has become a must-have. Technology integration, however, is only one part of making businesses digitally fit. Essentially, it digitizes the core of a business model.

How to Improve Digital Transformation Acceptability in your Organization

Digital transformation projects always create tension between those that embrace change and those that resist it. Ultimately, only if there is an organization-wide acceptance, Digital Transformation can work. If you are also getting on Digital Transformation journey, consult with Genesis to see how organizational resistance towards Digital Transformation can be overcome.

Digital Transformation is Not About Technology

Digital transformation has succeeded for the organizations whose leaders went back to the fundamentals: they focused on changing the mindset of its members as well as the organizational culture and processes before they decided what digital tools to use and how to use them. What the members envision to be the future of the organization drove the technology, not the other way around.

$1.3 Trillion Spent on Digital Transformation , $900 Billion Went to Waste. What went wrong?

Before Digital Transformation officially kicks off, project managers are typically concerned about securing funding and business intelligence. What is often overlooked is identifying key stakeholders and how they will contribute to driving change across the organization.

Key Digital Transformation in Healthcare Trends in 2023

Digital transformation in healthcare changes how value-based care delivery is provided to patients. By 2023, it is expected that digital transformation will be involved with every aspect of healthcare innovation.