How Digital Transformation is Enhancing Customer Experience

How Digital Transformation is Enhancing Customer Experience

Digital transformation has started to roll across all the channels of our daily life, be it in office work, entertainment, transport, or anything else. In a truly digital world, everything is connected to each other through the Internet of Things. An intelligent and predictive network can harness the potential of all the major digital technologies like Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence and lead to digital transformation.

One of the most important aspects of digital transformation can be observed in the field of customer service. In fact, digital transformation has the potential to enhance the customer experience to a hitherto unseen level.

Taking Cognizance of Feedback From Customers and Offering Better Products

Customers offer a variety of feedback about company announcements, goods purchased, services subscribed to and more. This stream of feedback gets into the business server from a variety of sources. Sources may include CRM portals, emails, formatted customer queries in the company websites, social media platforms, company web stores, etc. All this information is being parsed by big data tools and then analyzed by data analytics. Such analysis is helping businesses to get deep insights into customer preferences, their buying habits, their inclination for certain features or products, and much more. In essence, analyzing such a huge amount of data coming from customers offers a wealth of opportunity for businesses to hone their offering and make it more perfect. This has now become so intelligent that we can use terms like customer “sentiment” analysis.

Customer Care Automation

Customer care executives are expected to be friendly, service-oriented, untiring as well as knowledgeable. However, it is not possible for representatives to be focused when they are stressed out. Employing bots to take over a load of customer care executives can free up some of the cognitive load from the frontline staff and also make customer care more efficient. Studies have indicated that 85 bots can do the work of as many as 200 employees and also result in huge savings. However, it is not just the cost savings that is important; it is the enhanced quality of time that the human employees can spend with customers that are more important. Such enhanced quality and quantity of time also results in enhanced customer satisfaction.

Customer Experience Management

 Whether you have lost a chunk of customer data or something wrong with your product has been detected at a later stage, it is time to own up to the responsibility. While lost credit card or debit card data can result in compromise with personal information of customers, hiding defects in products can be potentially fatal for customers and bring about lawsuits. Owning up to the responsibility is like macro managing customer experience. Let the customer know that you care for their personal data or their wellbeing and offer to fix up the problem. Get going as the first trickle of customer dissatisfaction or complaints about such problems is detected. This is possible through all the digital systems in place and this has the potential to elevate customer experience to a new level. 

Giving Shape to Personalized Content 

Your efforts to reach individual customers and satisfy their specific needs can bear fruit only when you can offer personalized content with specific recommendations. Ecommerce portals like Amazon employ such techniques to woo their customers. The company lists out individually-tailored products based on individual browsing history. Irrespective of your business model and the type of product or service that you manufacture or cater to, tailoring content to individual users can enhance customer satisfaction to a large extent.

Learning About Customers

A digitized system can help businesses learn about their customers in more detail. If you have got an inkling of customer preferences and habits, designing more effective marketing campaigns can be easy. This can enhance customer engagement and a customer experience like never before. 


Digital Transformation entails a gamut of automated systems that together can enhance customer engagement, improve customer relationships, understand customer preferences and design better products and more engaging marketing campaigns. In all these niches, the one winning factor is customer satisfaction. 

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