How Digitally Transformed Companies Are Better Placed to Survive Coronavirus Pandemic?

How Digitally Transformed Companies Are Better Placed to Survive Coronavirus Pandemic?

The global pandemic, COVID 19, has by now affected most of the countries across the globe. In the middle of all this, apart from the global health risk, the economy of various countries is at stake. And with the risk of economies, there is a threat to the small and large businesses that drive the economy of the countries and the state. 

As the confirmed Coronavirus cases are increasing in many countries, organizations and businesses are mandating employees to work from home. This situation has already made a disruption in the organizational structure of the businesses. The most affected companies globally are the ones that are working on the organizational structure that supports traditional workspace and have not updated to the digital and cloud-based setup. 

However, in this scenario, the companies that are equipped with the digital arsenal and have undergone the digital transformation in the past are more capable of surviving this situation.

Thinking how? Let’s read more.

Companies across the globe are finding more and more tools that can help them in collaborating when working remotely from home. Tech giants are coming out in helping the business to effectively coordinate during the remote work with various types of tools and digital technologies. 

Here are some of the tools that digitally transformed businesses are using during this time of pandemic outbreak all over the world. 

Remote Working Tools

Tech companies are churning out various tools that can help businesses to collaborate during the remote work for an extended period of time, which is still unknown. Since it is imperative to maintain the social distancing to curb this outbreak, remote work or work from home is the obvious suggestion for the business to continue the productivity. 

However, to decrease the effect on productivity and minimizing the effort of the work structure of the business, various tools like Google Hangouts, Zoom, Slack, Microsoft Teams, GoTo Meeting, etc., are there for effective collaboration. Digitally Transformed Companies are efficiently integrating these tools into their organizational structure that are helping them to keep the work on track at this time of crisis. 

New Remote Collaborative Work Policies

It is essential to understand that technology solely cannot yield positive results while achieving success during remote collaborative work. Businesses that are effectively implementing the work from home routine are in the need of creating new organizational policies. In addition to the right technological tools for remote collaboration, effective productivity-based tools that are technologically applicable are helping various technology-driven companies during this time. 

Remote collaboration and work from home option is not new in the business world. However, the businesses that were sure of no work from home policies are now forced to make the alternative decisions. Test of the times have proved that work from home by digital transformation and efficient tools can be a way out while engaging in remote work routine. Companies which are already digitally transformed are well equipped to manage the disruptions caused by the outbreak of Coronavirus. 

As there is still no sure timeline when this global crisis will be over, automation and digital transformation of the businesses and the organizational structure can really help in managing the work, even when worked remotely.

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