Myths and Facts about Digital Transformation


Probably everyone has heard of this term called “digital transformation”. But do you know the common misconceptions about digital transformation? And moreover, what are the common myths surrounding digital transformation? If you’re eager to find out, then this article is truly for you.

Before knowing the myths, it will be really helpful to understand digital transformation closely. 

Digital transformation is a process of using the latest digital technologies to create new or modify the existing organizational and business models, processes, culture and customer experiences. It can help in meeting new business and market requirements and needs to grow business. Simply put, the reimagining of business and organizational processes in this new digital era is what digital transformation is all about.

Now, let’s move ahead and know the myths about digital transformation. By understanding the common myths and misconceptions about digital transformation, you can make sure that you spend the right resources on the right things. Also, a good understanding of these myths will ensure that you maximize your investments in digital transformation. 

Digital Transformation Means technology

Digital Transformation means technology. This is not true.

A lot of people think that digital transformation is technology but this is actually not true. Digital transformation is about changing the way you work through the new organizational culture and provide better customer experience. So by changing the way you work, you are also changing your mindset, your behavior to leverage new opportunities, and so much more. So, it’s not necessarily about technology.

Digital Transformation is a Project 

Digital transformation is a project. This is also not true.

A lot of people think that digital transformation is about a project. To reveal the truth, digital transformation is more about an initiative. It’s more about a philosophy that is about organizational change for its good and better growth. It is an ongoing process that surely does not have a start and a finish line like a project.

Digital Transformation is about Disruptive Technology

Digital transformation is about disruptive technology. This is again not true. 

Digital transformation is not necessarily about disruptive technology, like something like machine learning, AR, AI, etc. Digital Transformation successfully executes through the use of already proven technologies like networking technology, database technology, CRM (customer relationship management)  software, etc. So, digital transformation is not only about using disruptive technology. It’s about using some technology that you are familiar with, and some proven technology.

These are some of the common myths about digital transformation that you may counter if you are transforming your business and organization digitally; however, digital transformation is one of the broad topics to understand. To help you gain a better knowledge of this, we, at Genesis, are here to help you. Although keeping close eyes on other technology trends will help, digital transformation is not necessarily about some pioneering or disruptive or emerging technology. It’s definitely more than that. And to know that, contact us at

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