Will Artificial Intelligence As A Service Take Off in 2021

Digital acceleration, digital transformation, digital diversification are a few of the many phrases that everyone working in and around technology has heard of before. In recent times, the term has become ubiquitous. AIaaS (Artificial Intelligence as a Service) is a commonly discussed part of digital transformation. 

Today, most organizations are employing at least one of the ‘as a service’ offerings as it provides them a way to focus on their core business. Organizations are looking forward to benefiting from the insights which can be collected from data for a better understanding of their customers. Also, through AIaas, people look towards the areas in the business that can be automated. Sometimes, what appears like intangible information from outside can present a competitive edge.

The Democratization of AI Technology

The future of digital transformation or digital diversification depends on the democratization of the latest technologies. As reported by Forbes, the combination of the SaaS (Software as a service) model with AI could help bring it to the masses without restrictive costing. In essence, artificial intelligence will not just be pleasing to have, but a must-have. 

Until recently, AI was far too expensive for most organizations. The technology was high-priced, the people who know using the tech were hard to find, and if found, they ask for prohibitive salaries. But, since cloud services have become extensive and accessible, organizations can collect and store essential data and information. This is where Artificial Intelligence-as-a-service comes in. 

The development of complementary technologies such as blockchain and 5G alongside advances in AI and is paving the way for vital advancements. With developments in real-time analytics and the Internet of Things is continually creating data. This data can be employed to power the fate of CX by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, and by extension, Artificial Intelligence-as-a-service. 

The Tech Experts Have Entered the Chat

Tech giants like Google, IBM, Microsoft, and Amazon have emerged as the major players in the AIaaS race. All these organizations already have huge public cloud infrastructure along with existing AI platforms. Because of this, they are able to make Artificial Intelligence-as-a-service a reality for everything from RPA to customer service, marketing, and analytics. The tech experts have been positively portentous about AIaaS in differing degrees for some time. However, there are real reasons why it looks as AIaas is set to emerge properly in 2021. 

Fertile Ground for Artificial Intelligence-as-a-Service


The demands are rising rapidly and exhibit no signs of slowing. With organizations able to recognize the value artificial intelligence is creating for the competitors, they know they need to jump in order to meet the growing customer expectations. As AI becomes more democratized, it is certain to witness its usage rise across the board. One can surely imagine its application in areas like customer service. 

Playing Catch Up

AIaaS gives small and medium-sized businesses advanced infrastructure at a minimum cost. Also, it will empower smaller organizations to compete against larger opponents, without the financial expenses and new hires like data scientists, etc. 

Widespread Acceleration

The days of companies nostalgically adhering to legacy tech appear to be ending, as they understand that it is time to accelerate digital advancements. AI ticks many of the required boxes like processing, storage, cloud-native apps, and data. In the coming years, AIaaS may be the backend of service across the board. 

AIaaS: A Game Changer for Businesses

2021 may be the year for AIaaS to blast off. If this is achieved, even after considering the constraints imposed by the ongoing Covid-19 disruption, the story to explore is how Artificial intelligence can lead to greater proficiency and better customer insights for organizations in nearly every industry.

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